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The company has been certified with ISO 14001: 2015 which is the organization's environmental management system. To increase environmental performance within the organization To create value for the organization Stakeholders in the environment and in accordance with the organization's environmental policy Including for environmental sustainability as well.

The Saima Chemical Co., Ltd.

Saima Chemical Company Limited is an affiliated company of Ag-gro Group  was established on September 22, 1982, operating as a distributor of agrochemical products. Under the Saima Chemical brand for more than 40 years, with over 200 dealers nationwide, focusing on providing quality products Help solve problems for Thai farmers Which leads to quality products Under the policy that adheres together that  “Saima Agrochemicals Increase productivity” 


Pest problems



Ag-gro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Saima chemical Co., Ltd. Packing Ag Co,. Ltd.

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